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Influenced by some of his older relatives music taste, rock music from Aerosmith or Queen truly became his favorites. From these day’s on it was clear that music, especially rock music, would become more than just a hobby. He started learning guitar by himself , and from instant there was a connection and a very comfortable feeling. By learning guitar, Karl dug deeper into rock history and discovered more music especially from musician’s and bands like Guns n’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix or Chuck Berry.

With the first riff’s and song’s learned, every opportunity was used to play guitar. So it happened that he joined his first band back in 2005. Quickly it’s clear that he set, with his bluesy rock lick’s, the stamp on the sound of the band. With the first few gig’s blood has been tasted, and from that, the course was set. After the split of the band, Karl and his former bass-guitarist decided to form a new group. With the wish from Karl to put more time and effort in the band, he quit his day job which was holding him back to his music ambition’s. By taking over the role of the main songwriter in the new formed group, regional success has engaged. But with different thoughts and minds about the musical future, the band has begun to fall apart. Karl wanted to hold onto the hard rock, rock n’ roll inspired sound, where other band members wanted to give the band a more southern rock feeling. Unable to bring different minds under one hat and feeling betrayed, Karl left the band in 2012.

Low-spirited and after some life changing moments, Karl decided to take a break from his music ambition’s. „To take a step back from my music ambition’s showed me, if I will find passion to start out again.“ In 2017 Karl decided to put everything on one spot. Karl Bierbaumer released his debut single Bad Bye in June 2019, and in August 2019 followed his debut album Rise.

– June, 2020.


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